After Hours


“Can we break free from what we desire to be?”

“After Hours” began with the idea of what the sartorial workwear uniform represents, visually and emotionally. The vanity that it holds towards a man and pride that it gives a man. Strict forms, precise constructions and tight relationship with the body, it holds on to us as much as we hold on to them. But at the end of the day, we desire so much to break free from the forms we created but a part of us still holds on to it. This idea of tension inspired the collection.

The strict sartorial silhoettes were expanded and given a new take on construction, reliance other parts of the body such as the neck, back or wrist creates the tension between the body. Knots and folds from the neck tie plays big reference in the way they were constructed. By the concept of after work, the forms were taken in to the care-free spaces of the night life. Neon lights and bright colours inspired the palette and materials used. “Shot fabrics” in silk twill creates a neon glow on the garment as if they were soaked in neon lights. Different weights and textures were also used. The fabrics in this collection was supported by Jim Thompson.

Model: Sergey Brisiuk
Photographer : Sutthiwat Sangkong
Realisation : Natthapol Klaharn
Assistant: Worapat Tienlor

Rukpong-AfterHours1 Rukpong-AfterHours2 Rukpong-AfterHours3 Rukpong-AfterHours4 Rukpong-AfterHours5 Rukpong-AfterHours6